Las bebidas típicas de Inglaterra merecen una lección especial para hablar de ellas. Probablemente la más conocida sea el té, y es que es verdad que esta famosa bebida es un auténtico vicio para los ingleses.

Se puede consumir de muchas formas y a cualquier hora, sin embargo no es la única bebida por la que los ingleses siente verdadera pasión…

What people drink

As well as large amounts of hot drinks such as tea, coffee and cocoa, British people – especially children – drinks squash (a sweetened fruit concentrate that has to be diluted with water) and brand name “soft” (non alcoholic) drinks.


Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink. The most popular pub beer is “bitter” which is draught (from the barrel), has no gas in it and is conventionally, as are all British beers, drunk at room temperature. A sweeter darker version of bitter is “mild”. These beers have a comparatively low alcoholic content. This is the reason why people are able to drink so much of them.


In most pubs, several kinds of bottled beer, usually known as “ales”, are also available.

Beer which has gas in it and is closer to continental varieties is known as “lager”.

In some pubs, cider is available on draught, and in some parts of Britain, most typically in the English west country, it is this, and not beer, which is the most common pub drink.